On a growth path

Marjorie Steed guiding CemeCon Inc. into a new era

On August 1st, 2019, Marjorie Steed was appointed President of CemeCon Inc. Leading the North American branch office, she and her team will increasingly nurture new markets and open up revolutionary HiPIMS technology to new users.

CemeCon Inc. has been supplying North American tool manufacturers with premium coatings and coating technology for 21 years. The subsidiary of CemeCon AG has expanded its capacities several times over those two decades to meet increasing demand. In 2004, it moved to its current headquarters, the IST Center in Big Flats, New York. For a long time, CemeCon Inc. concentrated on HiPIMS coatings; since September 2014, the experts in the USA have also been coating cutting tools with the world's leading diamond technology . The latest expansion of the North American headquarters in 2018 not only increased diamond production, but freed up space to accommodate the future-oriented HiPIMS technology.

"With the growth of HiPIMS and Diamond, this is an exciting time for CemeCon and I am thrilled and humbled to lead our company into the future,"said Steed, who was one of 12 employees when she started in 2006, and today oversees 54 staff members across two facilities. "We’ve built a great team here and we will continue to provide the quality and consistent products our customers rely on."

Majorie Steed (left) talks with Kameron Waxman about the groundbreaking CC800® HiPIMS.

An important figure for CemeCon

"Marjorie Steed started 14 years ago and quickly became an important part of the team," says Dr Toni Leyendecker, founder and CEO of CemeCon AG. "She has positive qualities that we need in this global business, which is an asset for CemeCon and the future of the company."

Since her first day at work, Steed has shaped and expanded customer service in the USA – whether as one-person customer service department or, since 2015, as Vice President of Operations. She knows all facets of CemeCon – from the first step in coating production forcutting inserts and shank tools to incoming and outgoing goods. On this basis, she and her team of experts support tool manufacturers from the United States and Canada. In her first months as President, she already increased diamond coating capacities and expanded the sales team.

With each new step, Steed has been instrumental in driving growth to provide even better service to cus- tomers.

The team is particularly important to her. Because the employees are the foundation for CemeCon's success: "Fifty percent have been here for five or more years and 30 percent for ten or more years," says Steed. "CemeCon Inc. was built on the people who grow into different roles together with the company. We have assembled a team of experts."

Majorie Steed was named CemeCon Inc. president on August 1st, 2019 as part of a planned transition.

HiPIMS and diamond: The solution for new challenges

Like all CemeCon coating centers around the globe, the North American subsidiary is equipped with the most technologically advanced tool coating systems. The CC800® HiPIMS, for example, opens up undreamed of possibilities for the machining industry: Deposition rates down to 3 μm per hour, exceptional adhesion, smoothness and toughness – HiPIMS combines the advantages of all coating processes. Virtually every element of the periodic table can be deposited. This enables users to develop their own coatings.

"It's a superior technology, CemeCon has perfected it and now we have to communicate this information to the outside world," says Steed. "Thefoundation we’re building on makes it easier for us to reach new markets. With the combination of the CC800® HiPIMS and the CC800® Diamond, CemeCon is at the cutting edge of coating technology."

In 2019, CemeCon Inc. organized several successful "Live Batches" to demonstrate the possibilities of the CC800® HiPIMS to customers. As metal alloys continue to evolve and composite materials become more and more common, Steed expects even more guests in 2020.

"High-tech materials have changed the challenges of machining. With our first-class coating technologies, we support customers with new solutions," she said. "We want to show them what our systems can do–wewanttoproveit.Weare constantly developing further for our customers."