First diamond coating production opened in India

Headquartered at Himalayan foothills, IND-SPHINX Precision Ltd. manufactures high precision cutting tools for demanding applications ranging from printed circuit board (PCBs), semi-conductors to aerospace, medical and micro machining. A high level of manufacturing expertise is required in order to consolidate and expand the company's market position in India, a country developing as a technology nation in huge strides. This is the reason for IND-SPHINX to invest in the latest CVD diamond coating technology. One measure was to integrate a complete CemeCon CVD diamond coating line into its manufacturing process thereby taking the quality of tools to higher orbit.

From left: Neeraj Beriwal, Coating Manager at IND-SPHINX as well as Gulshan and Suraj Prakash, diamond coating plant operators at IND-SPHINX.

“We have been collaborating with CemeCon for coating services for more than a decade. Five years ago, we installed a CemeCon PVD coating unit and have been successfully coating our tools on CC800®/9 ML with smooth sputter coatings,” states Neeraj Beriwal, Coating Manager IND-SPHINX.

IND-SPHINX, as a pioneer, is the first tool manufacturer in India to invest in a CC800®/9 CVD diamond coating facility including all peripherals – in order to provide customers with precisely adapted NexGen coatings. This system allows for the fully automatic deposition of extremely smooth, highly adhesive nanocrystalline and crystalline diamond multilayer coatings. With CemeCon technology, even complex three-dimensional tools receive extremely homogeneous coating distribution within very narrow tolerances. CemeCon diamond coating machine has the biggest loading capacity of all systems available on the market.

From left: Manish Adwani, National Sales Manager India, Sunil Taneja, Managing Director IND-SPHINX, Werner Pütz, Application Development CemeCon, Raghavan Mukund, CEO IND-SPHINX and Ronuk Taneja, Director IND-SPHINX

Taking full advantage of the systems' capabilities

Training is the key to successful turnkey integration. As Neeraj Beriwal states, "Because of the excellent training, we learnt how to operate the system and the relevant processes within a very short span of time. We are extremely pleased with the support we have received from the team CemeCon – starting with the installation of the CC800®/9 ML and now once again with CC 800®/9 Dia!"

Assistance from the coating experts goes far beyond simple explanations about the functions. “CemeCon team provides us with prompt and concise advice and support, allowing us to take full advantage of the capabilities of the system and develop new, customized solutions for our tools. We are focussing high precision applications in micro and mini range like e.g. PCB tools, semi-conductor applications, aerospace and tools for medical applications” states Sunil Taneja, Managing Director at IND-SPHINX. “With long standing know how on base materials, tool geometries, micro geometries and applications, CemeCon CVD diamond coatings will be a force multiplier for us.”

Expertise in CRFP and non-ferrous metals

In the developing Indian market, CemeCon technology has significantly enhanced IND-SPHINX's expertise in the processing of CFRP and other non-ferrous materials. Raghavan Mukund, CEO of INDSPHINX: “The new diamond coating line allows us to off er our customers complete solutions and deliver them much more quickly, which puts us in a better position in the market.”

IND-SPHINX Precision Ltd.

IND-SPHINX Precision Ltd. was founded in 1987 in cooperation with SPHINX WERKE Müller A.G. Switzerland. Located in Parwanoo at the foothills of the Himalayas, the Indian company has expert knowledge of all types of PCB and AXIS tools for Micro-machining producing more than 12 million tools per year. To meet the stringent quality requirements of industries such as aerospace, medical technology and circuit board manufacturing, IND-SPHINX relies on Swiss precision machines, accurate Japanese, Swiss and German measuring instruments and high quality European technology. IND-SPHINX’ facilities are ISO 9001:2008, ISO2003:13485 certified.