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Alexander Marxer, Managing Director of CemeCon K.K., is looking forward to providing better support to Japanese customers soon thanks to the coating center.

A new coating center is being developed in Japan

Japan is one of the leading technology countries in the world. Many developments are driven forward there or in collaboration with Japanese companies. This is not different in the tool industry. Japanese tool manufacturers have a global market share of more than 20 percent. This high-tech and trendsetting market is ideal for CemeCon. That's why CemeCon is expanding its Japanese subsidiary into a coating center by the end of the year. Alexander Marxer, Managing Director of CemeCon K.K., is looking forward to providing better support to customers there.

CemeCon K.K. was founded in 2016. How have your previous experiences been?

Alexander Marxer: CemeCon has been active in Japan for more than 20 years. Our products, especially the diamond and HiPIMS technologies, fit the innovative Japanese and Korean tool industry very well. The founding of CemeCon K.K. was the first step to improving our service in Japan and give the tool manufacturers there immediate access to our coating and plant technologies. 

One of the challenges was building a good infrastructure and a competent team – Japanese-speaking, of course. In other words: With our technology, we give the tool manufacturers the opportunity to stand out from their competitors and our customer service ensures that the CemeCon machines work 365 days a year and make money for our customers.

What comes next?

Alexander Marxer: Our team and our network are growing steadily. The next logical step, in order to reflect the significance of this innovative market, is the construction of our own coating center. A good location both for our employees as well as our customers was especially important to us. We found it with Atsuta in Nagoya. We are therefore planning to complete our coating center by the end of this year. 

As of 2020, we will initially be offering our customers a diamond and subsequently also a HiPIMS coating service. In addition, we will then have the opportunity to demonstrate our machine technology and its advantages by means of "Live Batches". As a result, the customer will coat their own tools in our machines. Our Japanese research and development engineers will support the coating process in order to find the best possible coating solution in a short time. Another important point will be the expansion of the customer service center. We are constantly expanding our team of service technicians as well as the pool of available spare parts.

What makes the Japanese market so special?

Alexander Marxer: As in Germany, Japanese tool manufacturers are dedicated to innovation and quality. They also focus on trust and stability. With great innovative power, the Japanese manufacturers try to bring new products onto the market every year. In doing so, they want to distance themselves from the lower prices of their competitors. I am impressed again and again at how Japanese engineers concentrate on constantly improving their products in a structured way. I am therefore convinced that Japan's future in tool making is bright. 

Japanese manufacturers are absolute leaders in quality and quality management. The crucial point is "kaizen" – improvement. The cycle "measure - analyze - improve" is intended to constantly increase performance and the level of quality and ensure a place at the top. This is what we also want to orientate ourselves on in our coating center. In the case of the trust factor, it's about finding a common solution that fits the customer's requirements exactly.

What are the advantages for Japanese tool manufacturers that decide on CemeCon?

Alexander Marxer: That's very easy: It's the technology! It has been specially developed for coating cutting tools and provides optimum solutions for manufacturers. In doing so, CemeCon concentrates on two different technologies – diamond and HiPIMS. This focus over many years makes CemeCon the market leader in these areas.

HiPIMS is going to change the tool industry. Our HiPIMS solutions outperform other coatings in most applications. The reason is the comprehensive control of the process: For example, by controlling internal stress, we can produce very thick coatings of up to 12 µm, which are exceptionally well-suited for turning.

Diamond technology is even more complex: The essential success parameters are the combination of the correct pre-treatment, the patented multi-layer technology and the reliable CC800® Diamond coating plant. To date, CemeCon is the only company in the world that offers this total know-how as a production solution.

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