CemeCon goes Argentina

Big country, high mountains, endless sky – Argentina is a country with immense potential. To establish itself there, an enterprise needs good ideas and strong partners.

Coating.tech is the name of the brand new company based near Córdoba, Argentina, offering job coating services to the Argentinian market from last April. It was born from the collaboration between Argentinian company Tantal and the Spanish company Flubetech. 

“It's a little like the tango” says Christoph Schiffers, Product Manager Coating Technology at CemeCon, of his experiences with the southernmost country of Latin America. It is a great advantage to have an experienced partner like Flubetech in Barcelona at your side; fluent in the language and well-versed in the Argentine market. Schiffers has great respect for CemeCon's Spanish partner: “These are really good people. They have managed to establish themselves well in the Spanish market since implementing our PVD technology.”

The very first CemeCon plant in South America

Production Manager Verónica Taglioretti of Tantal is pleased: The first CemeCon plant recently started successfully at Coating.tech.

Coating.tech works above all for its mother enterprise Tantal which is managed by José Taglioretti, a manufacturer of cutting inserts for advanced threading solutions for the oil and gas industry, that exports more than 50% of its production. “Thanks to CemeCon coatings, our machining tools now have a real market advantage with regard to service life and manufacturing accuracy,” Production Manager Verónica Taglioretti of  Tantal is pleased to announce. Other well-known companies such as big car manufacturers operating in Argentina were quickly convinced of CemeCon premium quality at Coating.tech.

Coating.tech is offering job coating services in Argentina from last April.

Tantal and Flubetech made this work: In Argentina, the first CemeCon plant recently started successfully at the commercial coating company Coating.tech. “CemeCon supported us in establishing our PVD technology on the Iberian peninsula and was ready to move with us to Argentina,” says Carles Colominas, CEO of Flubetech.

The idea behind everything: Networking

Top technology is a decisive factor in establishing oneself internationally, but it is not the only one. For Schiffers, successful networking is just as important, as the Argentine example shows: “To begin: Flubetech in Spain was an ideal springboard,” he asserts. „Thanks to the long trade tradition between the two countries, merchandise trade is much simpler than from Germany to Argentina.” He continues: “We want to keep on expanding internationally in the long term, including across Latin America. And always together with our partners, like Tantal and Flubetech.” CemeCon has made a big step forward with the plant in Argentina, the next step is Mexico.

PVDJob coating service

Verwandte FACTS

CemeCon expands its production site in the USA

Now 50 employees can work on an area of 3,700 m² to fulfill customer orders in the field of PVD and diamond coating for precision tools. Greater production capacity means even faster availability for both premium technologies on the important North American market.

"We Specifically Request CemeCon Coatings"

For sophisticated high-tech products, only turned parts that are perfect are good enough. As one of the market leaders in Europe, Grieshaber GmbH & Co. KG in Schiltach (Germany) is the preferred supplier when aluminum or stainless steel turned parts with the highest quality, precision and optics are required.

New twist to tap drills

High-quality equipment, a motivated and well-trained team, as well as an international focus are the pivotal cornerstones of the growth strategy of Fabryka Narzedzi FANAR S.A. in the production of their tap drills. When the tool manufacturer wanted to incorporate coating technology into its production, it found the right solution with CemeCon's sputter technology.