CemeCon charts the future

Global market conditions demand more and more custom solutions – excellent responsiveness, high speed, great flexibility and sustainability are indispensable for survival in the international arena. CemeCon is utilizing growth opportunities and equipping itself for the tasks ahead. The Supervisory board of CemeCon AG has unanimously appointed Bernd Hermeler to the executive board, where he joins Dr. Toni Leyendecker and Dr. Oliver Lemmer. He assumed responsibility for the Sales and Marketing business areas in January 2018. FACTS spoke with the members of the executive board.

Why Bernd Hermeler?

Toni Leyendecker: Bernd Hermeler has held various management positions at CemeCon since 1989. He has spent time in all departments and understands the company, the products and the technologies firsthand. His extensive knowledge of the global market, his international experience in direct contact with customers, his participation in strategy development and his many years of practical experience in employee management make him the ideal person for the tasks ahead.

Bernd Hermeler: We want to boost our international presence. Our goal is to increase the availability of our premium products worldwide. For that purpose we will focus more on the specific aspects of individual markets. In Asia, for example, we have now set up a service hub to improve local customer support. We are further increasing availability of our products and services around the world, while of course maintaining the high quality. We are also increasing the density of our worldwide logistics network. Even closer to the customer, even more tailored to customer requirements – that is the main theme.

Our coatings and plants are first-class and our technology is extremely flexible – ideal for meeting future challenges in the world of cutting tools.

Bernd Hermeler, new CMO of CemeCon

How is the market evolving?

Oliver Lemmer: The change from internal combustion engines to alternative drive systems creates challenges for tool manufacturers. High-performance materials are relatively difficult to machine. They require precision and need production tools with tighter and tighter tolerances. The batch sizes are also changing. Smaller and smaller, more customized and more tailored – and they have to be available faster all the time. That enormously increases complexity in production.

What does that mean for manufacturers?

Bernd Hermeler: Anyone who does not flexibly tailor their tools to the market is quickly left behind. Our Premium coatings provide unique selling propositions thanks to custom coating development. Our technologies are flexible and open to the ideas of our customers – ideal for meeting future challenges.

How is CemeCon responding to the market challenges?

Toni Leyendecker: We are moving away from Premium coatings and heading towards custom tailored Premium Plus solutions. Responsiveness, speed, flexibility and sustainability – all traits of CemeCon – are crucial not only in the growth markets but also in machine building and car production, and especially in aerospace, medical technology and electronics. If you have innovation in your DNA today, you will be a winner in tomorrow's markets.